Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why does my deodorant smell bad?

So I thought this was a sweating problem, but today I didn't do anything hardly and my deodorant smells horrible. Could it be something with my body chemistry? I have gone to the doctor and nothing is working. It seriously is a sour smell, that is happening with all my deodorants.

Why does my deodorant smell bad?
I have the EXACT same problem. Although i do not completely understand why, but if you use ANTI-BACTERIAL soap, and scrub really well it will work. It took me months of suffering... but I I'm better now. You must scrum HARD. Good luck listen and you will get results
Reply:try asking a relative ( brother or sister) first how you smell. it might be your sense of smell %26amp; not your deodorant. you are also right that it may be your body chemistry. if that is the problem why don't you try alum? it is like a rock you have to grind finely then apply to your underarm.
Reply:see a doctor again
Reply:What type of deodorants do you use? I stay away from citrus scents, and stick to baby powder scents. Try using Doves "original clean" deodorant. (its not a baby powder scent, its a clean fresh scent)
Reply:If you hold your nose to the actual deotarent, it smells sour, then I would throw it out. I have a sweating problem.. BUT there is a special deotarent you can buy via internet. It is called Maximum. It has no smell, and it stops underarm sweating completely. If you really dont think its that, I would wash more throughly. And I would scrub the armpit of your shirts. Hope I helped!
Reply:I would just switch to another type of deoderant. Have you been using this kind for a long time and it's just now smelling? Or have you just started using it?
Reply:I presume that you shower well before putting the deodorant on, well it could be your body chemistry or it could be that you are not killing the ordor causing germs under your arms. Try showering with a disinfectant detergent and maybe shaving your arm pits. Put on your deodorant and then use a talc last to keep you dry. It this doesn't work, you're going to have to have your sweat glands cut. Good Luck!
Reply:Some medications contribute to excess sweating. Talk to your doctor about any you may be taking also look into your diet. If you are not letting your body dry completely before applying deodorant it will not work properly.
Reply:maybe you need to try antiperpirants or maybe you are eating something or taking certain vitamins that make you body have an odor , check with another doctor,
Reply:dude just try a new one some smells good dont worry...
Reply:I mix a lot of alcohol with my body scrub soap, for me , it cutts down on stubborn body funk.

take a look around ware you keep your deoderent, and see if some thing may causing it to go bad.It takes a whole lot of some thing to make that stuff go sour.

I do not think that it is you
Reply:It's really not you deodorant......You have an excess of body odor.

You went to the doctors and everything checked out. That in its self is a large hurdle off you back.

Try a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide(3%), this is cheap at any pharmacy.

Put a teaspoon in a glass of water and wash your underarms. If this does not work use more peroxide. ( keep the peroxide with you and a glass to put water in, just in case it goes not stay all day..that way you are set for anytime)

Should work thou.

Another, because yours sounds soak 15 minutes or longer in a tub of water with 3 cups of tomato juice added. Seriously, it works on our pets got stunked. And, it works for us.

I know, I do not like baths......( well maybe your wife would sit with you)...

Seriously hope one or both work for you.!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Reply:You are what you eat, try changing your diet, you might be eating too much of something, or something that doesn't agree with your body chemistry?
Reply:hmmmm buy really expensive deodorant..or possibly scentless deodorant and wear colonge!

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