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What deodorant works good and has no fragrance?

I want to know if their is a deodorant on the market that works good but has no smell as well.

What deodorant works good and has no fragrance?
Secret and Dove are the two best brands out there. Unless, of course, you're a guy, in which case, awkward!

*makes awkward turtle sign*
Reply:Mitchum is the best you can get, it's one of the strongest you can get without prescription and it's unperfumed.
Reply:Dove x x
Reply:i say secret original that works with me and my lil brothers or suave
Reply:mitchum is real good x
Reply:Right Guard unscented spray or Arrid cream is a very good one £2.50 but lasts for about a month! Doesnt stain clothes and just rinses off your fingers.
Reply:If one takes a bath with a little baking soda added and does it every fortnightly for a few weeks, one doesn't even need to use deodorants!
Reply:yes arrid unscented
Reply:Degree by far






Reply:Mitchum is good . Also Avon do a few good ones
Reply:dove, secret
Reply:Sanex Sensitive

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Which Deodorant?

Which male deodorant is the best? I currently use Old Spice Fresh Scent. Is there anything better?

Which Deodorant?
Any answers you get in reference to "better" will be purely subjective and wholly rooted in opinion. I use what you do but also change up from time to time between various speedstick scents and various old spice scents.

Avoid Antiperspirants if you know you will be in an environment where you will be sweating. Your body is made to sweat, it NEEDS to sweat! Use antiperspirants when on dates or other social events that do not make you sweat.
Reply:i'm 40 years old and have used many antiperspirants.i have found degree to be the best for me.
Reply:You might try their Anti-perspirant, a deodorant is a cover up, and does not keep you from perspiring.
Reply:Speed Stick green (original).

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Removing deodorant buildup on shirts?

The combination of deodorant/anti-perspirant and sweat forms a stiff, whitish area on my shirts. Spray %26amp; wash does nothing. Any suggestions?

Removing deodorant buildup on shirts?
This happened to my husbands shirts also. So I tried OxY spray [since I use the bleach ] and wow it worked. But if it is real bad then I would suggest soaking them first to loosen up the stain then spray a lot and wash in warm water. My option cold water does not clean your cloths good enough like warm water does..

Hope this works for you it did for me..
Reply:Try using Oxy clean or this stuff called Lestoil-gets out tough stains like sweat and ring around the collar and it should work for deodorant and sweat stains.
Reply:Have had the same problem, I pretreat with detergent, run the washer under normal agitation, not gentle, using warm water. Then I let the washer set (leaving the lid open will do it) for about 10 minutes to soak the clothes well before allowing the washer to rinse. I also check the shirts before drying, since drying will lock the stain in. Hotter water and strong agitation seems to do the trick, they use hot water in professional laundries.

Switched also to arm and hammer roll on, still strong but doesn't stain as bad as the other deodorants.
Reply:Try Lestoil, it cuts the stains from a lot of different things. You might have to wash the garment twice, treating it both times.
Reply:Deodorants, Antiperspirant Stains - Treat light stains

with a liquid detergent and then launder. Pre-treat

heavy stains with a pre-wash stain remover. Allow to

stand 5 to 10 minutes. Launder, using an all-fabric


*Another suggestion:

There’s not much help available in removing the dark stains from aluminum chloride after they are already set in your clothing. The best bet is to avoid those products that contain it thereby eliminating the stain itself.

Otherwise, try the vinegar and water, or the salt and water solutions and allow the garment to soak for a couple of hours or overnight. Then scrub the stain with a commercial stain remover product and launder according to instructions
Reply:Simple by using, Baking soda paste applying it to the stain and scrub with an old toothbrush then wash, then add White Vinegar to rinse water and your stains should be gone if not repeat the steps once more. Good Luck !

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Crotch deodorant?

Hi please be serious when answering this question. Woman use vaginal deodorant, i use it. Is there a special one for men. I am am a very clean person so please don't say just wash, i do thinks

Crotch deodorant?
I have heard of FTD for women, but I'm not sure they make anything like that for men. I wonder if you could use the same thing, just not the floral smell (obviously)

You could just try some sort of a powder like Shower to Shower, that's made for that purpose.

I wouldn't use any regular deodorant though, the skin down there is far too sensitive.
Reply:try rinsing with absolute peach vodka
Reply:There should be one for men but you can always get the spray deoderant and spray it down there
Reply:I use under arm deodorant, works good.
Reply:whats wrong with using the womens one? im sure it wouldnt hurt. i use it and its really light and sensitive to my skin
Reply:I use menthol baby powder which keep it clean and has a nice feeling!!!

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Teen deodorant vs woman's deordorent?

witch one works better as an antiperspirant and a deodorant i dont mean the clinical strength ones

Teen deodorant vs woman's deordorent?
Anything with alcohol in it is supposed to be best because alcohol is a natural drying agent. I use Secret Platnum gel. Aslo what works great is women's FDS or Summer's Eve Sprays. They're not really for armpits, but they work awsome!
Reply:the womens one has stronger ingredients,such as a 19% solution of aluminum stuff,the teen is 16%.i use a scentless ladies deoderant,then put on a little strawberry teen spirit cos i like the scent!
Reply:there's a deoderant just for teens? for sweat control i reccomend antiperspirants.. but for casual wear, use deoderant.
Reply:deff mens. they work better and smell awesome :)
Reply:if you really want to keep from smeling and sweat marks i would say mens
Reply:Antiperspirants contain fragrance, but they also contain chemical compounds that block the pores to stop the discharge of perspiration. No sweat, no odor.

Deodorant allows the release of perspiration, but prevents odor by combating it with antiseptic agents, which kill odor-causing bacteria.
Reply:the mens deo works better than any of them....the womens deo juss makes u smell like a mix of flowers and sweat :(


Good deodorant?

What are some good kinds of deodorant? ones that dry easily and don't feel all wet.

Good deodorant?
i only use secret (solid) and i use the unscented kind
Reply:i like secreat kuku coco butter. it works great and smells awsome.
Reply:Have You heard about the new deodorant "Sure Girl" you must of had them cringy moments when you wish the ground would just swallow you up, Sure Girl is to stop situations getting worse!.

There is nothing worse than sweat patches underneath your arm!

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Reply:I suggest a lush deoderant. They`re solid, so have no packaging, so they`re good for the enviroment. They have no preservatives or harmful chemicals like aliminium, that block your pores. They smell lovley and are handy to take away because they`re solid! I use T'eo, the teatree deoderant- it smells like lemon and keeps me fresh and dry all day. It costs £3.45, so a little more expensive than your usual deoderant, but it lasts for ages and ages, so definately worth it! they also have two other lovley ones- both girly and fresh, full of fresh flowers and essenial oils- oxeo cube and fuwari! Lush products are also great because they don`t test on animals!

hope this helped! :D xxxxxx
Reply:Secret, it lasts long and dries quickly.
Reply:Secret Clinical Strength. Its the best, and worth the extra money.
Reply:i like dove
Reply:dove is great and comes in some really nice scents! i use the roll on but if you want one thats not all wet try the sprays they work just as well and smell great

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Best deodorant ?

I want some thing safe ..and doen't make my skin gets darker.

what do u think of Clinque deodorant?

Best deodorant ?
Degree Girl

They come in 5 different scents! and they really work!
Reply:Havent tried it but ,if your the type that sweats more than usual then try secret platinum.ive tried rx antiperspirants,and this comes close I belive its 21% z.

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