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What is the best antiperspirant deodorant for girls?

I don%26#039;t have a problem with smelling bad, just with sweating. I get very sweaty, and have not yet come across a deodorant that worked well for me. I have tried many deodorants from CVS, Walmart, and still haven%26#039;t found anything good. I%26#039;m not worried about the scent, just as long as it will keep me from sweating. Please tell me what deodorant brands (for girls) work the best to control sweating?


What is the best antiperspirant deodorant for girls?
omg. i have the exact same problem!

i use secret clinical strength

u can buy it almost anywhere

its a little pricey for deodorant

about $11 or $12 depending on where you buy it

but its worth it
Reply:I have the same problem! I like secret, it%26#039;s a brand name. The best smelling is vanilla. I don%26#039;t know if you can get it at Wal*Mart but I usally get mine at Shopers Drug Mart.
Reply:Mitchum is pretty good. It%26#039;s supposed to give 48hr protection. Driclor is also excellent. You%26#039;ll get it behind the counter.
Reply:i like degree for women. But the one that has worked for me is not sold in stores. Its called Body series and this really works. Its from a company called Amway.
Reply:My sister had the same problem for the longest time, every antiperspirant/deodorant she tried never worked.

She came to me for advice so I told her to see her doctor. Her doctor gave her a cream (sorry I can%26#039;t remember the name) that she rubs into her armpits that shrinks the pores and stops her from sweating heavy. After that she%26#039;s never had the problem again.

Next time you%26#039;re at the doctors (or make an appointment) ask about the;ll work wonders, I promise!
Reply:Dam gurl i have the same problem!!!! wht i tryed was the secret clinical strenght....and it works!!!!!!!!!!!it is so good should get can get it at places like target , wal mart or stores like that! It works really good but it is more expensive than oher deodarants but i say you should give it a try!!!hope this helps!!!!!
Reply:Ahh, I over sweat in middle school...sooo embarrassing. i use can get it anywhere at walmart in those green boxes and it really works...i leave it on my night stand and put it on right before i go to sleep...just follow the directions it realy works like a miracle then in the morning i just use regular secret deodorant cause the certain dri takes care of the sweating!! hope this helps!

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